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What Are Considered Qualifying Purchases and Expenditures of Title 1 Funds?

Individual agency determines how to use the Title 1 funds to help meet the educational needs of its residents. This funding is supplemental and is not to be used to supplant the financial responsibilities of the agency. The Education Services Coordinators are available to offer guidance and assistance with appropriate expenditures for supplementing the educational needs of your agency.

Therapeutic expenses are not to exceed 25% of the total agency budget. This includes staff, supplies, professional development for therapy staff, incentives, etc.

Parental Involvement must account for at least 1% of the total agency budget.

All professional development for agency staff funded by Title 1 must be in addition to required hours for agency employment or position certification.

To learn more, please visit the Title I Forms Page and download the Allowable and Non Allowable List.

Purchases may be made for educationally related purposes that enhance meeting the educational needs of the residents as described in the agency’s current Title 1 Project Application. Qualifying purchases include but are not limited to the following:

Computers-related hardware equipment-software

Internet and networking services

Audio-visual equipment,audio-visual carts


Bookcases–storage and filing cabinets

Therapeutic services

School supplies

Professional development

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