TN Fosters

Welcome to the
Tennessee Alliance for Children and Families

The Tennessee Alliance for Children and Families (TN Alliance) is an alliance of private service providers from across the state of Tennessee. Our mission is:

“To serve as a voice for our members in enhancing the well-being of children, families and communities in Tennessee.”

Since 1952 the Tennessee Alliance for Children and Families has represented the common interests of the many private member agencies who care for Tennessee’s most vulnerable children and their families. Across the state, these agencies provide care for Tennessee’s children through foster care, adoption, residential care, family reunification, counseling and custody prevention. Last year, member agencies provided services to over 7,000 abused, neglected, delinquent and troubled children. Every year millions of dollars in private community support is raised by the TN Alliance member agencies to supplement the full cost of providing services to children and families. Our member agencies are working hard to ensure positive outcomes for children while also seeking to provide a needed service for the citizens of Tennessee in the care of its at risk and abused/neglected children and families.