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How Is the Amount of Title 1 Funding Determined for My Agency?
When Is My Agency Notified of the Allocated Amount?

TN Alliance for Children and Families serves all eligible agencies that meet federal standards and complete all requirements, regardless of youth headcount.

If an agency qualifies to receive Title 1 funding based on the results of the annual headcount survey and a review completed by the TN Department of Education, TN Alliance will contact the agency to confirm participation in the Title 1 program.

The TN Department of Education notifies TN Alliance of the agencies it will be serving in the upcoming grant year in mid to late summer. After calculating administrative costs, carry-over, and set-asides (funds kept untouched for mid-year needs, new agencies, day-treatment programs, etc.), TN Alliance determines the final Title 1 distribution for each agency based on the per-county allocation information shared by the TN Department of Education.

In the late summer, prior to the upcoming grant year, TN Alliance distributes a grant application for Title 1 funds to all eligible agencies. The application, along with budget spreadsheet and budget narrative, is reviewed by TN Alliance staff (Executive Director and Education Service Coordinator(s)) and TN Department of Education staff (Project Director and Grants Coordinator) for completion, accuracy and allowability.

Along with the application, each eligible agency receives notification of the Title 1 dollar amount their agency generated and is eligible to receive in the upcoming grant year. Through completion of the budget spreadsheet and budget narrative, the agency allocates their generated funds however they choose within Title 1 regulations and guidelines.

Upon approval by TN Alliance and TN Department of Education staff, each agency is notified of their approved Title 1 budget to be spent over the Title 1 grant year, which runs from October 1 to September 30.

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