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How Is My Agency’s Eligibility To Receive Title 1 Funds Determined?

The TN Department of Education distributes the Annual Neglected and Delinquent Survey (a.k.a. “annual headcount survey”) in November or December of each year to qualifying agencies. Completion of this survey is required for all eligible residential agencies serving youth in some educational capacity. The data from this survey is used to generate Federal funds, meaning it is subject to audit and must be supported with documented records.

In order for an agency to be eligible to generate Title 1 funds, the youth they serve must meet the following criteria:

Be between the ages of 5 to 17;

Live in a locally (TN) operated facility that meets the definition of an institution for neglected youth or delinquent youth:

Local Institution for Neglected Youth: A public or private residential facility, other than a foster home, that is operated for the care of youth who have been committed to the institution or voluntarily placed in the facility under applicable State law, due to abandonment, neglect, or death of their parent(s) or guardian(s). Section 1432(4)(A) Some of these facilities provide drug and/or alcohol treatment and counseling services. Youth at these facilities occasionally have committed misdemeanor offenses. Youth might also attend public school.

Local Institution for Delinquent Youth: A public or private residential facility for the care of youth who have been adjudicated to be delinquent or in need of supervision. Section 1432(4)(B) Such facilities are locked so that the youth served have limited access to the community. Some of these facilities may also provide therapeutic treatment programs.

Live in the residential facility for at least one day during a specified 30-day window. The 30-day window must consist of 30 consecutive days, one of which must fall in October.

An agency must identify itself as either a facility for neglected youth or a facility for delinquent youth, but not both even if the agency serves both. Refer to the agency’s charter or mission statement to identify the facilities purpose. The count of students in an institution for neglected youth may include youth classified as delinquent. Likewise, the count of students in an institution for delinquent youth may include students classified as neglected.

Though day-treatment programs do not generate funds from this survey, they are still eligible to be served with Title 1 funds.

The agency will receive either Title 1 Part A (Neglected) funds for residential programs, or Title 1 Part D Subpart 2 (Delinquent) funds to serve the residential or day-treatment youth.

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